Some Things You Need to Know about Betting on Archery

  • Friday, Dec 4, 2020

When you become a fan of archery, there might come a time when you want to take the excitement to the next level. The best way to do this is to start betting on it. It does not matter if you are an experienced sports bettor or have just entered the sports betting world, archery is definitely a sport that you should think about betting on. Below we are going to take a closer look at betting on archery.


Archery Betting Tips

When you are betting on archery, there are a number of things that you have to keep in mind, and we are now going to take a look at these below. If you do not pay attention to what we are about to tell you, then you will end up losing more bets than you win - that is a guarantee.

Consider the Participant's Main Attributes

Before you go ahead and bet on an archery competition, you need to take into consideration each participant’s different attributes. For example, you need to find out how well they can concentrate as well as how they deal with different levels of stress and tension. You also need to have an understanding of what their skill levels are. When the competition has begun you will not have the time to gather all this information, so you need to do your research well before a tournament is about to begin. Their record will give you some type of indication as to how they have performed at previous tournaments in the past.

Consider the Tournaments Participants Have Competed in

You will also want to consider the different tournaments that the participating archers have taken part in throughout their careers and whether they have come up against any of their opponents in the past. In most case, you will realise that a participant that you like the look of has faced some of the other competitors before, so you should want to know how they have done against them in the past. If they have lost to a participant three times in a row, you might want to think about putting your money on another archer.

You Have to Assess the Conditions Too

Most archery tournaments do not only last for one day, and conditions will never be exactly the same on any given day. Archers have to learn to overcome the different conditions that they face if they want to do well in a competition. The temperature, the amount of light, or the wind can all have some impact on an archer’s performance. So, before you go ahead and place a bet, we recommend that you take a look at what the weather is predicted to be doing. If it is going to be really windy, then many of the archers will probably find it really hard to hit the target.

Experience is Also Key

Experience will play a huge part in the outcome of a tournament. There might be some novice archers that have done really well in competitions over the last year, but in the huge tournaments such as the Olympics, they will be competing against season veterans who know how to control the jitters that come with competing in huge events. When the competition gets down to squeaky bum time, the seasoned professionals will be better equipped to keep hold of their emotions and nerves than those who are greener.


Different Archery Competitions

There are many different archery competitions, and we shall have a look at some of the most popular right now:

FITA This is an indoor event where each participating archer has 144 arrows, and 36 are shot from four different distances. This event usually just lasts one day.

Indoor FITA: In this event there are 2 ends, and each participant gets 30 arrows to shoot from 18 metres. There are 3 spot targets with a 40cm diameter to shoot at.

FITA Olympics: This event sees the participants show 36 arrows from 2 ends while 70 metres away from the targets.

Outdoor League: Teams with three participants compete, with each team being given three arrows per archer for each end, and there is a total of 3 ends. The targets are 50cm and are set 50 metres away.

Field Archery: As the name suggests, this take place outside. The targets are made up of five rings, four of them are black, while the inner ring is gold. The participants will shoot from different distances.

3D Archery: This event imitates a hunting scenario as archers shoot at foam animals from different distances.